Here at Serendipity Catering, we believe that you are only as strong as your community. That is why we feel drawn to celebrate those here in the Mile High City that share that same sentiment. Serendipity partners with nonprofits such as Dumb Friends League, Generation Wild, Loveland Plains High Arts Council and CherryArts because we all share a common thread – a passion for helping others – be it animals that need a forever home, showcasing amazing artists to the rest of the world, or paving a path for younger generations to connect with the planet. We are proud to be an avenue to connect our corner of this community with theirs. 

It is partnerships like these that make the biggest impact on us as a Colorado company. In a time where community is as important as ever, we will continue to pursue partnerships with nonprofits doing the good work to make Denver and surrounding municipalities stronger than ever. 

Dumb Friends League

Everyone deserves a second chance – that means animals too. Dumb Friends League has made it their misison to provide that second chance to Colorado’s dogs, cats and much more. In everything that they do, compassion for these animals is at the forefront. Visit their website to learn how you can be a forever home for an animal in need. 

Generation Wild

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) created this organization to reconnect kids with nature and help them experience all the outdoors have to offer. Through educational workshops and field trips, they are able to provide these younger generations an opportunity they might not have had otherwise. Interested in giving your child an experience of a lifetime? Head over to their website to see how you can sign up today!

The Loveland High Plains Art Council 

What started as a collective of like-minded sculptors wanting to use their art as a means to better their community, has turned into an incredible nonprofit aimed to make Loveland, Colorado a place rich in creativity. Each year, they host Sculpture in the Park, an event designed to bring in artists from all over the world to show and sell their pieces. Since their first show in 1984, this event continues to be a source of culture and economic growth for the community. For info regarding next year’s Sculpture in the Park, visit 


This nonprofit organization is on a mission to make art as accessible as ever to everyone. Through education and experiences, they strive to provide communities an avenue for which creativity can be a means of prosperity – both culturally and economically. Art education is a core tenant of this organization, providing art camps, mobile art galleries and even hosting a student art buying program. On top of it all, they put on the Cherry Creek Arts festival each year, giving artists a platform to showcase their creativity to the community. To get more info on this year’s festival, visit