Happy 303 Day! 303 Day is a special day dedicated to the celebration of all things Colorado. Serendipity loves local, celebrate 303 day with our Colorado favorite lowdown.

Beautiful Colorado

Colorado has the Best Outdoors

Celebrate the wonderful outdoors we call home. Spring is around the corner which means we will be able to shed our winter coats for a warmer outdoor season. Make plans to visit one of the many national park that are located in Colorado.

Or find a way to get involved with taking care of our beautiful state! We partner with the City of Aurora’s Generation Wild, a program dedicated to educating children about embracing Colorado outdoors and the ways to take care of it.


Colorado has the most Amazing Weddings

Colorado gives you the full experience of all four seasons for a variety of weddings. Whether it is a winter wonderland wedding, warm fall foliage nuptial or sunny summer backyard ceremony, every Colorado wedding is beautiful in it’s own way. Let Serendipity help plan your perfect Colorado wedding, find out more, here.


Colorado is Full of Culture

We partner with pretty creative places to be in Colorado. If you’re looking for a fun place to visit with the family, play in award winning exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Denver or take a stroll in the gorgeous gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens. If you’re looking for a fun friend outing, throw some axes at The Downtown Axe Room or get crafty at the Upstairs Circus. Want a unique date idea? Check out the Scented Studio to create customized body sprays, bath bombs, soap bars, and more! Or take an intimate tour through local art galleries like Walker Fine Art Gallery, Redline Gallery or Space Gallery.


Local Eats

Denver is becoming a more notable city in the food community. And it is no surprise why–we have the best Colorado eats! Serendipity Catering loves supporting other local businesses with the same green standards as ours. We source locally and seasonally, whenever possible. Here are a few local vendors that we love:

Serendipity One Bite Toasted Crostini made with Polidori Sausage, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Crumbled Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese, a Balsamic Vinaigrette Drizzle and Garnished with Infinite Harvest Microgreens.

Infinite Harvest

Infinite Harvest is a pioneer in vertical farming agriculture. Vertical farming is a system of growing food in vertically stacked rows, using advanced farming technology to control the elements, thus reducing their environmental impact but increasing their produce yield. Infinite Harvest produces 60% greater harvests per acre while using 95% less water than traditional farms. They also include a multi-stream waste system in their structure to reduce waste while also increasing water and energy efficiencies.

Haystack Mountain Cheese

All of Haystack Mountain cheeses are handmade and free of additives or preservatives. Haystack Mountain partners with Longmont Dairy to create delicious cheeses made from local cow’s milk and cow/goat milk blends. They also partner with the Skyline Correctional Facility in Cañon City for their local goat milk supply, and enjoy a mutually beneficial arrangement which enriches the lives of our community.

Polidori Sausage

Polidori Sausage is a Denver-based, family-run business that has been operating in Colorado since 1925. They use low-fat, non-MSG meat to create their sausages. They also refrain from using preservatives or highly-processed ingredients to ensure the highest quality in their products. For those who are allergy sensitive, their products are paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low sodium, and low carb. Polidori Sausage got their Certifiably Green Denver certification in 2016.

Pablo’s Coffee

Pablo’s Coffee was established as one of the first craft Denver coffee roasters. They source the best green coffee from all over the world, and carefully roast it by hand in small batches. Many of their coffees carry certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly and Socially Conscious. The Serendipity Coffee Bar located on the first floor of the Alliance Center, proudly serves Pablo’s Coffee. Be sure to swing by and grab a freshly brewed cup of a rotating Pablo’s Blend!

Tender Belly

From the pork to the seasonings, Tender Belly works to ensure all their products are sourced from sustainable practitioners. They source from farms close to their processing plants to cut down on transportation. They choose farms that use sustainable feed and rotate their crops annually. Product is shipped in insulated and biodegradable wrapping. They also apply the “nose-to- tail” philosophy with their product, making sure all parts of the animal are used.