In the spirit of Earth Day (April 22), we celebrated “Serendipity Earth Week” this week, educating and challenging ourselves on several sustainability and conservation topics to find ways we can better take care of our planet. This is what our week looked like:


Serendipity Earth Week Breakdown

Allison rides her scooter to work everyday, so Earth Week was easy for her.Monday | Using Alternative Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in the world. Luckily, there are several ways you can decrease your carbon footprint on the road. Some of the Serendipity staff uses environmentally friendlier vehicles everyday. For example, Allison, one of our Serendipity Coffee Bar Baristas, rides her scooter to get to work–while others carpool, take public transportation and/or ride in on their bikes.

Serendipity Tip: Better biking weather is here: Denver has over 85 miles of paved trails designated for biking. By choosing to bike to work, you will be making an eco-friendly choice, encourage daily exercise, decrease your carbon footprint, reduce car traffic and more.


Tuesday | Supporting Local & Sustainable Businesses

In the US, the average fruit or vegetable travels 1,500 miles from where it was grown to your dinner table. It is important for us to support other local and like-minded business like The Alliance Center. The Serendipity Coffee Bar is located on the first floor, where we are proud to serve Pablo’s Coffee and other local products.

Serendipity Tip: Farmer’s market season is almost here. Consider shopping at your local farmer’s market or markets that source locally (or, try growing your own food at home!).


Wednesday | Waste Less Wednesday

The 2018 official Earth Day campaign is “End Plastic Pollution”. At Serendipity Catering, we focused on the ways that we can eliminate unnecessary waste in the office and at home. Jennifer and Dimitri, Serendipity Sales Consultants, use reusable bags and reusable drinking/food ware instead of single-use items. We also implement a proper waste system in our office for recycling, compost and trash.

Serendipity Tip: Be conscious of properly disposing waste. Get in contact with your waste providers to see what options you have for compost, recycling and trash.


Thursday | Get Outside!

It is important to take care of our environment because it takes such good care of us. Getting outside can make exercising easier, promote weight loss, increase brain functions, improve mood, amp up vitamin D intake, reduce stress and more. Amy, Serendipity’s PR Manager, enjoys biking to work and taking advantage of the many state parks in Colorado to go on hikes or play in the water with her dog.

Serendipity Tip: The average person will spend 85% of their lives indoors. There are over 300 sunny day a year in Denver and also over 4,000 acres of parks. So what are you doing inside? Get outdoors!


Friday | Serendipity Clean Up Week

Serendipity Catering is located alongside of the South Platte River; in fact, several of our Serendipity staff utilizes the South Platte River biking trail to ride into work on weather permitting days. It only made our clean up day even more rewarding as we targeted cleaning up our business plaza and the South Platte River.

Serendipity Tip: Think about the opportunities you may have to make Colorado cleaner and greener. Suzanne (one our Facebook Fans) says she takes gloves and a trash bag on her dog walks. What a great idea!


What More Can You do?

The end of “Serendipity Earth Week” does not mean it should be the end of all your sustainable efforts. You will be surprised to the BIG changes you can make by making small sustainable choices. When we work together, we can make a greener and cleaner Colorado.

Get involved
We encourage you to check out all the informative resources we provided or volunteer at or attend a local, environmental event, such as the Great West Colfax Clean Up.
Stay Educated 
Stay up to date with sustainability topics on local, national and global levels. Check out the Environmental News Network.
Make a Plan
Pledge to make a small change: ride your bike to work one day a week, purchase a reusable water bottle or shop your local farmer’s market. Calculate how much you waste and make a change.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Refuse. Re-purpose.
Be environmentally responsible for your choices- at home, in the office or on the road. Learn more about how you can participate in this year’s Earth Day campaign: End Plastic Pollution. 

Finally, be sure to like our social media pages to get more tips, recipes and ideas in the future. Happy Earth Day!