Happy 2020! It is time to bid a friendly farewell to unicorn food, pickle ice cream and sushi burritos. But once we have freed ourselves of last year’s foodie trends, what should we expect for 2020 and beyond? Here are a few Serendipity picks of our 2020 foods to keep an eye out for in the coming year:

Vegan and Vegetarian Foods

Consumers have had a growing concern about the environmental impact of what they eat, thus we are seeing vegetarian and vegan diets becoming increasingly popular the past few years. The vegetarian/vegan diet is not slowing down in popularity! In 2019, we saw meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger take the food world by storm. Expect more meatless options and dairy free alternatives to be explored and introduced in 2020. Be ready for more plant based dishes that will surprise you with creativity and flavors.

Did you know? The Serendipity Coffee Bar is expanding our alternative milks options to add in your coffee such as oat milk. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to see what new 2020 menu additions of vegetarian and vegan meals we will have this year.

Japanese Cuisine

With a rise in travel to Japan and growing excitement for the summer 2020 Olympics hosted in Tokyo, we expect to see more interest in Japanese cuisine. Specialties such as soufflé pancakes (a Japanese version of the breakfast staple) and Taiyaki (a traditional Japanese cake that’s shaped like a fish typically filled with red bean paste or other options) have already made waves as Instagram-worthy dishes. We saw sushi burritos in 2019, but 2020 will bring more fresh and fun takes to enjoy the seafood classic.

Do you have travel plans to Japan in 2020? Check out these must-have eats to indulge in when traveling to Japan, here. Not traveling but have the craving for Japanese cuisine? Try a Serendipity build your own ramen or udon noodle bar (pictured above) at your next event!

Mocktail Movement

Alcoholic drinks are no longer the indication of a social gathering with non-alcoholic bars popping up all over the country. You will start seeing zero-proof drinks or low-ABV drinks becoming more common on beverage menus at your favorite bar. Be ready to see alcoholic kombucha emerge as a popular choice especially as an alternative to cider for those who avoid gluten.

Want to have a sober social gathering? Trade the cocktail in for a delicious mocktail with these recipes, here.