Get to know the Serendipity Catering Team

“I’m excited that Serendipity is a green company and I get to work on sustainability issues in my role. It’s fun to contribute environmental knowledge while also creating dynamic events that people love. Serendipity has changed my life!” Lisa | Logistics and Sustainable Project Manager

“Fresh quality and great technique equals memorable experiences and that is something I love that we try and create here.” Patrick | Executive Chef

“My favorite thing about working at Serendipity is the versatility in the clients I get to work with, the different kinds of events I get to coordinate, the great venues I get to work at and being a part of something special for each of my clients. Making one day go perfect for my clients is what I strive for and enjoy most about my job.” Raven | Senior Event Coordinator

“Serendipity has excellent coworkers and teamwork we implement to get things done. Everyone is always willing to help. I love being able to help events run smoothly, whether as a line chef, delivery driver or a server.” David | Delivery Specialist

“Truly most everything that is in writing and the highest level of organization is what I love about working at Serendipity Catering!” Kari | Quality Manager

“What I love about Serendipity are the employers and the environment that they have created here. Some memorable events for me were my first big series of events in sales here at Serendipity–BMW Golf Tournament week. I really learned a lot from that experience and I think that this really catapulted me into maintaining a very high sales average for the company.” Jennifer | Sales Manager

“Never had a job where it’s the end of the day and I’m like “What!? Already!? “. When things go fast like this, it’s good! I think quite a few people can relate to long, dragging, endless days of work. Never happens here!” Dimitri | Service Consultant

“I’m a foodie at heart so working here really fits well for me. I actually enjoy creating the all vegan menus or the healthy lunches and dinners. The out-of-the-box ideas are always creative and fun to do also! What I really love about working at Serendipity are my co-workers and clients…and the food is a perk!” Candis | Service Consultant

“I love the creativity from the kitchen coming up with delicious menu items and getting to the try them. I love the staff I work with!” Otisa | Human Resources

Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

The average employee will spend more time at work than they will in any other activity (except sleeping). That’s why it is no surprise most successful businesses have some of the happiest employees! Go the extra mile for your team on National Employee Appreciation Day today (and everyday) with these easy tips:

  • Celebrate small accomplishments—whether it is during a staff meeting, a handwritten note or a personal phone call or email, getting positive recognition for hard work goes a long way. One study showed that receiving a compliment in the workplace has the same positive effect as receiving cash. Implement an employee of the month program for a fun regular way of saying thank you or introduce new employees to your company by designating them “rookie of the month”!
  • Not only does exercise increase productivity but employees will feel refreshed throughout the day.  Encourage your staff to be more active by organizing “bike to work” days, starting an office fitness challenge or designating office breaks during the work day for stretching, yoga, walking around, ect.
  • Build up team morale and comfortability in the office by celebrating employee’s birthdays and other big milestones. It is a simple way to help people connect to each other, making it more enjoyable to work together.
  • It is said, “the best ways to someone’s heart is through their stomach” and we could not agree more! One of the most common ways to show your staff that you appreciate them is with a staff meal! Make it a fun treat by hosting taco Tuesdays or a monthly break room breakfast! Learn about corporate catering we offer, here. Even if your company can’t foot the bill, plan company happy hours or dinners: employees will look forward to it and appreciate the fun event.
  • Allow your office to leave early on the day before a holiday weekend. A simple way to make their day (and weekend) better. Consider implementing an occasional “Summer Friday” at your office. It’s a surprisingly inexpensive perk!
  • Get in the spirit of the seasons and monthly holidays by having fun desk decorating contests or designated themed dress up days. Here’s a Serendipity Catering tip: we host “love town” during February, July and October to encourage fun employee engagement in office with daily trivia, dress-up days, wall/desk decorations and friendly competition/team building by winning points for great work and other fun challenges!
  • Listen to your staff! Ask your employees for input by starting a suggestion program. It will help your team feel heard and help get some insight to creating a better workplace! And offer suggestions to employees to let them know you appreciate them by working with your direct reports on growth plans. Let your employees know where they’re going in the company and what skills they can master next!
  • Check out this “the 100 best places to work on 2017” survey done by Outside Magazine to get some more creative ideas from employees that love their job.