Revered as some of the greatest times of our life, our school years eventually have to come to an end so we can graduate to bigger and better things! And with another academic school year winding down, graduations and commencement ceremonies are right around the corner. Plan a graduation party that is a perfect reflection of all your academic successes and favorite school day memories with Serendipity’s best tips:


Themed Party Ideas: 

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” theme | As one of the most commonly quoted books at any graduation/commencement event, “Oh, the Places you’ll go” is a fun combination of whimsical and inspiring for the perfect party theme! No one said it better than Dr. Seuss—“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” So get on your way to planning a Class of 2018 celebration with a Dr. Seuss inspired dessert table: Earth candy favors, color themed chocolate covered treats, Oh, the places you’ll go cupcakes and cake pops! Set the party mood with playful decorations like a book page banner, globe centerpieces, paper lantern hot air balloons and “Oh, the Places you’ll go” guestbook (which also can be a great gift idea!). Use quotes from “Oh, the places you’ll go” in form of posters, banners, motivational card party favors, ect. for another easy décor tip!


“The Future is Bright” theme | The weather and color changes that happen during a Colorado spring season is the best reason to throw an outdoor graduation/commencement party! Get in the spring graduation mood with warm colors and weather with a quirky inspirational the “future is bright” graduation party. Start your party off right, and block out the sunlight by offering guests sunglasses party favors! We love party puns that will light up any party… like light bulb inspired DIY party décor/favors filled with candy or flowers (or money for a cute gift idea). Brighten up your party with colorful confetti or shiny glitter balloons—get more bright party decoration ideas, here. Consider the warm spring weather for a BBQ and spring crop inspired menu! Cool down guests with warm color scheme drinks like Blood Orange Creamsicle Floats, Pineapple Orange Sherbet Punch or Raspberry Frost Sodas.


“Classic Colors” theme | Sometimes staying simple is the best way to go—choose a classic color scheme like an elegant black and gold (or silver) or go for an easy/relatable theme with a school colors scheme! DIY is always the best  and (sometimes the cheapest) way to go for décor: try these DIY tissue garlands or tissue paper number party signs that you can customize to fit any party color scheme. For centerpieces, try DIY painted mason jars that you can fill with cutlery, flowers, candy or table snacks (like these gold and silver white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks)! Get more black and gold decor inspiration, here. You can also keep it simple with the menu but make it clever! Turn simple snacks into grad treats like Chocolate pastry diploma rolls ( check out these other graduation inspired sweets) or have a candy bar with a school twist! For savory menu items, get an A+ on creativity and flavor with cheese and meat diplomas, elementary school day sloppy joe sliders and tater tot skewers. 


Most graduations/commencement ceremonies are held at the end of spring in May and June. Get inspired by spring for your grad party—check out these Serendipity approved ideas, here!

Make it Memorable in More Ways than One: 

Get creative for photo opportunities (or DIY photo booth stations with class superlative props) using a tissue ombre backdrop, gold balloons and white triangle garlands or star garlands! Or create a fun photo backdrop with class superlative balloons that guests can take home at the end of the night! Keep in mind that your graduation party should be a celebration of all the academic success you had and friends and memories you made along the way! Make a keepsake (jenga memory blocks, advice keys, memory cards) that you can take with you to college or your next big move… Congratulations on your big accomplishment!