It is that time of year again when the school bells are ringing once again! The dog days of summer will soon be replaced by the busy and fast pace of the school year. Get prepared for another year of fun and learning by providing nutritious and healthy meals:

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas:

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Fruit Skewers are not only super simple to assemble and pack, they are also a great source of a variety of nutrients to provide your child with a sweet and healthy snack!


Fun Fact: Blueberries are full of naturally healthy boosts like vitamin C and fiber and can help boost focus and memory. 


Incorporate fruit into your child’s lunch box in the form of homemade fruit leathers, homemade fruit cups, mason jars with granola and yogurt, as a wrap or with sweet messages.


Build Your Own Sandwich Cookies

Sometimes the trick to getting a picky eater to eat their food is to make it fun and interactive. A build your own cracker sandwich is the fool-proof way to guarantee that your child is eating a nutritious lunch!

Serendipity Tip: Do not worry about what ingredients to add to a Build Your Own Cracker Sandwich Lunchbox. Even the weirdest flavor combinations to you, may be delicious pairing of flavors…check this unique flavor combo list out. 

Get more healthy kid-friendly wrap and sandwich ideas, here. 


Bento Boxes

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun and adding a creative take on the average school lunch. Bento boxes are a trendy way to make school lunches more fun! Traditionally common to Japanese cuisine, bento boxes are meant to be single portioned homemade meals.

Check out these 30 day lunch box ideas that are fun and creative!


Tips to have a Green School Year:

The school year is here and times are a little busier, but you do not have to sacrifice your “green” standard with these easy Green Back to School tips:

  •  Think Green for School Supplies | When shopping for pens and paper, consider choosing non-toxic and eco-friendly school supplies. Think notebooks made from recycled paper or wooden pencil vs. plastic mechanical pencils.
  • Or Better yet, Opt for Used | Not only will you be saving money (you can find used textbooks for half the price), but you are making a conscious decision to reduce waste, reuse supplies and recycle books that otherwise may be trashed.
  • Be Smart with School Lunch | The average elementary school disposes over 20,000 pounds of lunch waste every year! By packing a homemade lunch, not only will you be able to shop locally and seasonally, you can help eliminate waste by using reusable containers and drink bottles and it will be easier to control portions to limit waste.
  • Use Alternative Forms of Transportation | Consider riding or walking to school with your child while the weather is still nice. Coordinating carpools with other parents not only reduces your carbon footprint, but you will save time and money on gas!
  • Donate | Support teachers, students and school in need by donating any unused school supplies. Learn more about the needs for Volunteers of Colorado’s “Stuff for Students” School Supply drive, here.