What to Wear

1920’s fashion was all about revolution and breaking the mold of Victorian ideals and into free-spirited casual wear.

For women this included a looser style of clothing which revealed more of the arms and legs. Women who chose this lifestyle were labeled flappers, they were the epitome of rebellion which included wearing excessive makeup, bobbing their hair, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes in public, and pushing social morals.

The staple fashion piece for men was the suit with no casual clothing anywhere to be found. As the 20s started to progress the typical suit style began to shift and casual and sporty dress for men was introduced. Men’s clothing as well started to encompass more choice and more fashion forward options.

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20’s Food Favorites

Appetizers became a big hit during this time period! There was a rise in extravagant spending and eating following the Great Depression so fancy appetizers such as tea sandwiches, caviar, salmon rolls, deviled eggs, shrimp and lobster and mushroom toast were a hit at social gatherings.

Serendipity Tip: Fancy-up your party with salmon appetizers such as our Serendipity Canapés made with In-house Smoked Salmon and Freshly Sliced Cucumber on a Wasabi Rice Cake topped with Creme Fraiche and Caviar.

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Decor Tips

We got inspired by the “Black and Gold” glam of the Roaring Twenties with our Sparking Serendipity Tablescape.

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