Looking for something totally fresh that will bring your big day to the next level? Serendipity Catering has you covered for all your 2020 wedding goals! Check out the Serendipity Catering Wedding lookbook, here. We are excited to see new and reinvented wedding trends but here are a few of our top picks, straight from our Serendipity experts:

Chef Amanda’s (Serendipity’s Executive Pastry Chef) Top Picks are…

  1. Floral Wedding Cakes: Live greenery on cakes is something that is very popular especially with Rustic Colorado and green weddings being fan favorite themes. This is something we will see more of in 2020 in reinvented ways, for sure.
  2. Large Statement Wedding Cakes: I think brides will want to get away from small cutting cakes and put more of an emphasis on big tiered cakes with flair!
  3. Alternative Wedding Cakes: Incorporating fun and unique cake alternatives like cheese and bread! I love that idea.
  4. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes: Hand Painted Cakes add that personal sized touch to wedding cakes to make it even more special.

We can customize the perfect wedding cake for your big day! Check out the Serendipity Cake Menu, here.

Raven’s (Serendipity’s Senior Event Coordinator) Top Picks are…

  1. Flower Grandmas: We did a wedding at Cherokee Castle and Ranch where the bride’s grandmothers were her flower girls. It was super cute and the grandmas loved it!
  2. Neon Signs: Neon signs with the couples names, cute sayings, wedding hashtag , etc. really add a shiny factor to weddings.
  3. Floral Aisle Runners/Floral Table Runners: Incorporating more florals into the aesthetic of the wedding design and moving away from stand alone décor pieces. For example, using floral aisle runners instead of a traditional aisle runner is a great way to dress up an “aisle” whether it’s grass, cement, dirt, sand, etc.!

Kristin’s (Serendipity Wedding Specialist) Top Picks are…

  1. Great Gatsby Theme: For the new Roaring 20’s!!  Lots of feathers, beading and black/silver/gold color schemes.
  2. Color Saturation: Instead of splashes of color, the whole wedding/event will be featuring one color.  Emerald green is also a trending color!
  3. Statement Pieces: Can be a large statement cake, an ivy champagne wall or grand florals. No more small cakes in the corner that nobody sees!
  4. Modern, Architectural Pieces: For example, cakes looking like skyscrapers.  Modern, straight, architectural lines.
  5. New traditions-Blending Old with New:  For example, instead of a Father-Daughter dance, a choreographed dance with the whole wedding party.  Or blending traditions between two different cultures- like a Miso-Matzo Ball Soup for a Jewish-Japanese Wedding.
  6. Sustainability: The trend toward zero-waste weddings is huge!  Using compostable materials found in nature and getting creative is definitely on trend.  Also, using eco-friendly venues (like the new solar powered venue, North Star Gatherings) is super important and trending with young, Millennial couples.