Boulder Natural Chicken boasts the only Colorado-raised and processed Chickens. They
pioneered the farm-to- fork concept in Colorado, helping to increase the quality of the local
market overall. They are committed to sustainability by raising their chickens in free, vegetarian-
based environments, never using growth stimulants or antibiotics. The chickens enjoy an open
barn with access to unlimited food and water, helping to decrease their stress.

Polidori Sausage is a Denver-based, family-run business since 1925. They use low-fat, non-MSG
meat to create their sausages. They also refrain from using preservatives or highly-processed

Legacy Ranch raises their cattle on open range, never using hormones or steroids, nor cloning
their cows.

Tender Belly Pork. From the pork to the seasonings, Tender Belly works to ensure all their
products are sourced from sustainable practitioners. They source from farms close to their
processing plants to cut down on transportation. They choose farms that use sustainable feed
and rotate their crops annually. Product is shipped in insulated and biodegradable wrapping.
They also apply the “nose-to- tail” philosophy with their product, making sure all parts of the
animal are used.

Infinite Harvest is a pioneer in vertical farming agriculture. Vertical farming is a system of
growing food in vertically stacked rows, using advanced farming technology to control the
elements, thus reducing their environmental impact but increasing their produce yield. Infinite
Harvest produces 60% greater harvests per acre while using 95% less water than traditional
farms. They also include a multi-stream waste system in their structure to reduce waste while
also increasing water and energy efficiencies.