Success Stories

Summer Seasonal Produce

Summer has arrived in Colorado!!! So has the season of fresh summer produce! We love to use fresh, local, and seasonal produce in all our menu items. So, we thought we would share all the wonderful reasons we love local seasonal produce. Perks of Eating Seasonally...

Serendipity’s Water Garden

Kicking booze has become an increasingly popular trend among a percentage of the population that is seeking to elevate their lives and overall well-being. Alcohol has been a staple of social gatherings for centuries, but now more than ever, we are seeing the “being...

A Serendipity Roaring Twenties

What to Wear 1920’s fashion was all about revolution and breaking the mold of Victorian ideals and into free-spirited casual wear. For women this included a looser style of clothing which revealed more of the arms and legs. Women who chose this lifestyle were labeled...

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